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Small Business Consulting

Business operations are the backbone of your company, so having each and every business process operating effectively, efficiently and profitably is fundamental to your company’s success.

Why you need Business Consulting?

Consulting can focus on one troubling process or perform a complete business process review of your company. We can help you refine your business operations so they produce timely results, reduce ‘non-value added’ costs and best utilize your personnel resources.

Our team of consultants will evaluate the return on investment of your current marketing strategy, and define a new marketing campaign that yields positive results, high conversions, and new customers daily.

  1. Building a strategic development and expansion
  2. Plan is vital, as the tactics game
  3. Take advantage of any investment opportunity
  4. Plan a investment for future

Business Efficiency

Business owners often find it difficult to keep up with all of the areas into which they have extended themselves. Let us take a look at your processes, tools and technology and recommend ways to update, streamline and make your small business more efficient.

Marketing Strategy

Is your marketing campaign unsuccessful? Don’t know why your website visitors aren’t converting? Our team of consultants will evaluate your current marketing strategy, and define a new marketing campaign that yields positive results, high conversions, and new customers.

Business Growth

If you’re planning to grow your business but it causes problems and confusion, you must make sure that you have a clear view where you are now and where you want to go, before you can decide how to get there. A business plan can help you plan and organize your future, as well help you get funding.

✓ Analysis

Understand your customers; set expectations & goals

✓ Marketing Plan

We help you determine the best ways

✓ Strategic Campaigns

Reach Influencers and the leaders of tomorrow

✓ Expand & Control

We control continuously and adjust

With our Strategic Consulting Service we carry out an analysis, evaluation and diagnosis of the business situation of the company or organization.

BUSINESS PLAN - Expand & Grow + -

You only have one chance to make al first impression to investors and lenders. A detailed and well-drafted business plan is the key to success. Our business plan writers and consultants handle everything for you so that you are completely prepared for your investor, bank, or grant meeting. We understand the requirements of financial institutions, investors and larger institutional partners.


You will have an advisor in the beginning of the program, who will follow you until the end! S/he will have an overall view of your progress and will be responsible for your development as a startup. All mentorship sessions take place on Skype or Google Hangouts.

1) A clear and unbiased perspective
2) Results-oriented focus
3) Contributing fresh, new ideas

Working with the right strategy consultant can pay off in huge rewards by paving a path for growth and success for your company that you would otherwise not achieve without that clear, focused outside perspective.

  1. We refocus your efforts, reduce your workload and see stronger business results.
  2. We’ll look at what you do manually, which technology and tools you use, and choose best practices for marketing and delivery.
  3. Evaluate the ROI of your existing marketing strategies
  4. Drive qualified traffic to your website and increase conversions
  5. Increase top line revenue and market share

Social Media

Being connected with our customers, it is essential to have a presence in social networks, interact and enhance the image of the company. It is essential not to fall behind and remain visible and active through proper management and dissemination in Social Networks.

Design and Web

You need an effective logo that clearly conveys the personality of your business and makes you stand out from the competition. Hence, the design of a professional website can help to differentiate you considerably from the competition.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a set of online marketing techniques that are characterized by interacting with the user in a non-invasive way, trying to attract and accompany it with content and valuable information, focused on solving their need or problem.

Speak with an experienced executive who can go over your needs, answer questions, and offer some advice.